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Franchise site requirements

Location Characteristic

Priority for City centre high traffic, Shopping centres, Office or Transportation locations.

Open, clear high street or shopping mall, easily accessible, broad.

Transparent shop front or open shop front, high street, shopping mall (indoor store in hot countries).

One consumer level (ground floor…) strongly advised, but option for a store located on a level 1 depending on country’s habit and building specifics.

Need a good visibility, from different directions is preferred but for sure unobstructed visibility of the point of sale, visibility of the signage.

Terrace: inside (in shopping mall), outside (high street location) can be a key optional element, a terrace is composed with a minimum of 12 seats.

Activity Factors

Opening days : Minimum 6 days per week
Opening hours to cover all day dining services: Morning breakfast, Noon Lunch, Afternoon coffee/tea time, Evening diner.
To figure out a potential turnover indication :
Take all possible information of the environment in which the outlet is located, need to analyze the market :

  • Demographic (who are the potential customers, age, social category,…), category profile
  • Main key traffic generators
  • Counting card : to understand when, who and how many potential customers are walking in front of the potential pilot store
  • Brackets of footfall necessary (in order to evaluate minimum number of transaction necessary to reach breakeven).
  • Competition study & understanding (type of location, product offer, price positioning, customer profile, service mode, …)
  • F&B operator within the proximity,…

Physical Characteristics

  1. Outlet size : minimum 160/180 m².
  2. Shop front : minimum 5m length.
  3. Entrance door: ideal is an open front store (Hot climate countries mainly in shopping mall), or minimum double door 1.2m.
  4. Délifrance Outlet will be composed of 15 areas :
    > Back office: Maximum 40% of the total size of the store.
    • Container, Cleaning, Storage, Technical room, Office, Staff room.
    • Preparation area, Kitchen, Bakery, Pastry. > Front office: Minimum 60% of the total size of the store
    • Back counter, front counter.
    • Restaurant, Terrace and Bathroom (optional in some outlets as existing in the shopping mall or transport area,…).
    Délifrance requirements for Pilot Stores November 2019.
  5. Restaurant and Terrace minimum seats: 50.
  6. Proper signage is required, with a minimum of an illuminated logo sign on the Façade and an illuminated blade sign near the partition wall of the unit.

Building and Structure

The building shell must comply with local building regulations, especially regarding fire safety.

The building shell has to be impermeable to pests, according to local building regulations.

Minimal 3,2m free height for ductwork.

Required floor load 5kN/m2 (approx. 500kg per square meter)

Extensive plumbing facilities will be needed in the area mentioned under C 4b. Preferably a crawlspace has to be provided under these areas. Alternatively, a screed floor of 80mm or more can be used to cover draining pipes or an elevated floor (not recommended) can be installed in these areas.

Glass facades and glass doors have to be fitted with safety glass.

If a restaurant kitchen is present, an air exhaust of at least 350mm diameter (exact dimensions to be calculated through the equipment tool) has to be provided to a roof or other location that is suitable for discharging fumes according to local regulations.

An accessible outside space has to be provided for mounting condensing units outside the unit.

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