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The Menu

In our franchise business, the menu style of our restaurants and bistro cafés is a blend of French classics innovating through global food trends. Combined with locally sourced ingredients and sustainable practices; our bakers and famous chefs create unique and delightful all-day dining experience for its customers – served at the perfect pace to fit into their busy lives.
Product categories: La Cuisine du Boulanger

  • Bakery : Bread viennoiserie & danish
  • Food-to-go / table service: Breakfast and brunch, snacks, salads, sandwiches, apéritif & starts and hot dishes
  • Beverages: Hot and cold beverages, of which coffee plays a major role as a destination for consumers
  • Pâtisserie: Pâtisserie & desserts
  • Specialties: Chef recipes, local adaptation, catering & delivery

Additionally, we also understand the diversity and difference of every individual customers. To meet their expectations, our affiliate company has created various product ranges to boost business opportunities. Each has its own distinct characteristics to surprise and delight at every bite:

Exterieur EBP le 30 avril 2010

Délifrance Heritage – The highest quality flavours thanks to the best ingredients and French artisan know-how.

Exterieur EBP le 30 avril 2010

Délifrance à la folie! – A special treat with highly sensorial and sophisticated experience.

Délifrance feel good – Healthy pleasures to treat your tastebuds and body well.

Délifrance – Tasty, natural, genuine and honest Délifrance products.

Délifrance A TASTE OF– Authentic flavours from the world, enhanced by Délifrance’s long-lasting know-how & quality.

Délifrance essentials– Simple pleasures to suit every taste and budget without compromising on quality.

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