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Délifrance’s history

It all began in 1983 when Délifrance was born from its affiliated company, Les Grands Moulins de Paris (The Great Mills of Paris), a family founded business that started in the 20th century. Specialising in flour for more than a century, Les Grands Moulins de Paris is now the leading French miller who also owns the renowned Ecole de Boulangerie Paris. Sharing the expertise of our baking know-how since 1929.
The creation of the world’s first part-baked frozen baguette was the onset of Délifrance’s business and has since shared French taste with the rest of the world. Celebrating our French roots and history, Délifrance continues to put into practice our know-how and passion of French bakery excellence alongside Les Grands Moulins de Paris, a subsidiary of Vivescia Group.
The evolutions from farming, imparting our baking know-how to food processing, have accurately conveyed our key values of passion, sharing and creativity.

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Our Baking School – Sharing Baking Know-How since 1929

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Located in the Heart of Paris, Bercy

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