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Our product-mapping tool

All of our products are carefully selected to respond to what our consumers are looking to eat in a restaurant. This is why we have created a product-mapping tool that is the result of an in-depth research to adapt to the customer demographics, the location of the stores and changing food trends. Therefore, optimizing our menu offering as well as guidance on in-shop promotion and pricing strategy.

Products can be classified according to:


Food on-the-go.

Dine-in food.


Aspirational – Premium and/or healthy. Slim-line, vegetarian and vegan ranges.

Contemporary – Accessible cuisine style, adapted to recent trends.

Traditional – Expected French product. Using regional produce from France, via traditional methods.


Sandwiches & Snacks – A quick fix for hunger pangs. We offer quiches, tarts, create-your-own sandwiches and chocolate croissants to provide a convenient and healthy meals.

Bread & Viennoiserie – Our generous range of breads and pastries are freshly baked on site on day long.

Patisserie & Desserts- Tea time selections of mini sweet & savoury assortments of fruity tarts, colourful pastries and soft cakes.

Soups & Salads-Starters or light meals that you can enjoy without guilt.

Cold & Hot Beverages- Our variety of hot & cold drinks will satisfy all moods and occasions. From fresh squeezed juices, coffee & tea to wine and beers.

Hot dishes – Délifrance is the right place to enjoy comforting at-home style cooking with a taste of France.

Catering & Delivery – suitable for all occasions.

Local Adaptations – The product offering is customizable according to local culture, mode of service, location & consumer consumption trends.


At Délifrance, we carefully analyze the customer profile in each and every location where we operate our stores, in order to identify our potential customers in the targeted market and reach out to them through customized promotional strategies according to the customer profile.

Standard Location: Gen X, Millennials.

Premium Location: Boomers, Gen X, Millennials.

Délifrance believes in creating the best quality products. This is why we have launched our own initiative, Go Clean bakery products which aims to make our recipes simple with as little impact on the planet as possible. Therefore, we are committed to use sustainable products that promote the well-being of animals and the planet.
By implementing the Go Clean initiative, we aim to provide our clients with more choice and flexibility without compromising on taste.
Changes to our products include :

  • Reducing the ingredients of our croissants and pain au chocolat made in Europe to a strict minimum.
  • Ensuring 100% of the eggs used in products manufactured in Europe come from cage-free farms.
  • Reducing the salt in our products by 5% in 2021 and by 10% in 2025.
  • Continuing to develop organic, gluten free, vegan and vegetarian menu options.

Price Level

At Délifrance, we help our master franchisees and franchisees to create menus according to locally customized pricing level strategies, ensuring price set for specific products or range of products contributes to a healthy revenue growth.

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