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Délifrance’ in-store concept

Our Global Presence

Our franchise journey started from the deployment of our first flagship in Damrak in 1984. Since then, opening of other franchise outlets have quickly spread across the middle east, Southeast Asia including Singapore and Europe; till today’s creation of our new convenient fast casual bakery concept. As an international franchise company with 36 years of experience, we are proud to take our authentic “Cuisine de Boulanger” products and services to Délifrance outlets around the world.

Worldwide Market

Délifrance Malaysia

Outlet Design & Concept
(Awarded Janus Label in 2018)

More than a makeover, an in-depth approach.

On June 5, 2018, jurors from French Institute of Design awarded the JANUS label of commerce to Délifrance Bakery & Bistro Café,
The jury, with multidisciplinary experts, evaluated the creative approach of Délifrance which fulfills the criterion of the « 5E »: Economy, Esthéthique (Aesthetics), Ergonomics, Ethics, Emotion.
The look and feel of our outlets are inspired by the « French Art de Vivre » of the typical Parisian terrace style café. By adding a touch of French elegance, the iconic houndstooth prints on our merchandising display will bring cosiness to our diners. We also offer the possibility of integrating a state-of-art bakery theatre within the boutique. This investment brings opportunities to showcase the freshly baked pastries and know-how of our bakers onsite to our customers.

Other in store concepts

Grab-and-Go – coffee counter concept that offers freshly brewed coffee to the busy individuals.

Retail Product Shelving – Displaying of assorted French classics to locally customized bakeries.

Storytelling – Our tailor-made solutions, showing our brand origin and history.

Food Bar – Customisable salad and sandwich with the ingredients of your choice, fresh on site.

Instagrammable Corner – Transforming the customer experience by creating an ambience in the restaurants that motivates them to share on their social media space.

The Five Layer Formula

Before setting up a Délifrance franchise, we need to consider these factors using the Five Layer Formula :

  • The customers’ journey.
  • Customer demographics.
  • The brand value and how it will appeal to customers in the selected market.
  • How to adapt the Délifrance concept and brand to the franchise.


Defining the business case and elements needed for operation.


Translating the operational process to 2-dimensional space requirements following the AIDA model (A model to optimize our outlet consumer journey through triggering Attention, Interest, Desire and Action).


Balancing form, function and modelling customer journey by adding a 3rd dimension.


Choosing colors, materials and texture, lighting and furniture.


Defining signage, in-store marketing and customer touchpoints in the store.

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