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Délifrance : French Bakery and Catering


Bringing joy of life through French food culture is our way of philosophy since 1983. Today, we are a fast-casual restaurant with franchise presence in 8 countries and over 300 franchise restaurants.

After the successful creation of the first ever quick frozen, part-baked frozen baguette, Délifrance has since started its journey to use our know-how and passion into crafting delicious bakery products and healthy menu for over 30 years. Our aim is to re-awaken and delight your senses through our creativity and transformation.

In Délifrance, our essence is our people. From farmers to millers, bakers to employees, including our customers. This human chain drives us to seek new innovations while preserving our heritage. Our products are prepared using today’s sustainable innovation and the traditional techniques. This approach makes Délifrance’s signature “Cuisine du Boulanger” so enticing; crafted at a price and served at a pace that you can simply enjoy every day!

French gastronomy, culture and our people are the core of our brand.

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Our Commitments

We consider people and the environment to be the integral part of the company’s development. Hence, we have set ourselves concrete goals to protect them. From stringently selected ingredients to supporting the farming industry to promote environmentally friendly farming. We are taking actions every day to ensure everyone benefits from these practices.

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