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Get A Taste Of France With These 6 Iconic French Pastries & Viennoiseries

Publié le 16 décembre 2022

Who has never dreamed of travelling to France to indulge in some authentic pastries and viennoiseries while sipping on coffee? Well, you can emulate the same experience in any DĂ©lifrance franchise worldwide without your customers travelling across the globe and burning a hole in their pocket.

Bring a taste of Paris closer to home with our selection of French delicacies and aromatic coffee.

Here are six of our iconic French pastries and viennoiseries you need to try or include on your menu to fill hungry stomachs and satisfy acquired taste buds.

Read on to find out more.

1. Croissants

A full French experience is never complete without having some buttery and flaky croissants. The tedious baking process ensures that each and every bite is crispy on the outside and soft on the inside. Croissants are also the perfect accompaniment to a daily cup of tea or coffee at breakfast; a hearty meal to set one’s morning right for the rest of the day. 

You can choose to fill your croissants with savoury ingredients like Chicken Mayo, Egg Mayo, Seafood Mayo, or Tuna Mayo. 

Make sure to include croissants in your proposals as they are one of the most well-known French pastries! 

2. Canapés

CanapĂ©s are small, decorative food pieces but do not be fooled by their aesthetically pleasing appearance – they taste just as good as they look. The bite-sized pieces make it easy to pop one into your mouth entirely to savour how each ingredient comes together for a burst of flavours. 

They are ideal to be enjoyed on their own or served at a party, and can come in savoury or sweet options to satisfy all preferences.

Mix some canapés into your order proposals as well for more variety.

3. Baguettes

This long and thin type of bread is a French staple that has endless possibilities – dip your baguette in soup, toast it and pair it with savoury toppings or simply eat it on its own with some butter. 

Thanks to the versatility, serving baguettes means giving your customers the opportunity to decide how they want to enjoy their bread. You can propose pizzas for a combination of Italian and French culture! You can top it with chicken ham, olives and mixed capsicums with a tomato base sauce and cheese. 

4. Chouqettes

These little choux pastry puffs boast an addictively crunchy sweetness on the outside and a light cream filling on the inside for a dessert that one will never get tired of. They add the finishing touches to any party and are a must-try! 

You can propose a mini pastries box with a viennoiserie, a puff and two chouqettes so your costumers get to try a variety of pastries to find their favourite. 


If you enjoy pastries that are both sweet and savoury, then madeleines will tick all your boxes. Their shell-like design and shape are a sight to behold while you bite into soft sponge cake with a hint of butter and sweetness from the vanilla flavour. 

While the traditional madeleine is vanilla-flavoured, bakeries have been experimenting with other variations to stand out from the crowd. DĂ©lifrance’s Chocolate & Pandan Madeleines are some your customers have to try!

Make sure to include madeleines on your menu; the gorgeous shell-like shape and yummy taste will put a smile on every client’s faces. 

6. Éclairs

Lastly, Ă©clairs are a must-get for the sweet treats lovers. It is a pastry made with choux dough, then filled with cream and topped with flavoured icing. This is another classic French pastry that you definitely have to propose for a taste of France.  

Although chocolate is the most commonly found flavour, it can come in coffee flavour too, great for those who cannot go a day without some caffeine. 

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