The two strategic formats developed by Délifrance are the Comptoir and the Bakery restaurant:

  • The Comptoir is an express food corner. The layout is adapted for consumption
    at the counter/bar or to grab and go.
  • The Bakery restaurant is a French bistro and bakery, serving from breakfast until
    dinner. An « Atelier de creation » shows the French bakery know-how.

The financial investment to successfully operate a Délifrance franchise varies by market
and will depend on factors such as:

  • Cost of real estate
  • Size and type of store
  • Construction costs in the market
  • Labor and operating expenses in the market
  • Availability of local ingredients and importation costs

All Délifrance franchises are required to pay a territory fee, to purchase the exclusive development rights of Délifrance Franchise in the territory for a 15 year term which is renewable. This fee is based on the size of the market and the number and type of stores to be developed.
Additionally, an entry fee is paid prior to opening a store, to have access to layout, design, training and support:

  • Bakery restaurant – €25,000
  • Comptoir express – €15,000

In addition, royalties of 5% of net sales are paid to Délifrance. Franchisees are also required to spend 3% of sales on local store marketing, brand awareness and advertising. 

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